Overview of the MicroShift networking.

MicroShift uses the host configured networking, either statically configured or via DHCP. In the case of dynamic addresses MicroShift will restart if an IP change is detected during runtime.

Connectivity to the K8s API endpoint is provided in the default 6443 port on the master host(s) IP addresses. If other services in the network must interact with the MicroShift API connectivity should be performed in any of the following ways:

  • DNS discovery, pre-configured on the network servers.
  • Direct IP address connectivity.
  • mDNS discovery via .local domain, see mDNS

Conectivity between Pods is handled by the CNI plugin on the Pod network range which defaults to which can be modified via Cluster.ClusterCIDR configuration parameter, see more details in the corresponding sections.

Connectivity to services of type ClusterIP is provided by the embedded kube-proxy iptables-based implementation on the range which can be modified via Cluster.ServiceCIDR configuration parameter.