Solving common use cases with MicroShift.

MicroShift with Advanced Cluster Management

Manage the MicroShift cluster through Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management (RHACM).

Deploying MicroShift behind Proxy

How to configure the host OS so MicroShift can work behind a proxy.

Private registries and pull secrets

MicroShift may need access to a private registry. Access can be granted from registry login or from a pull-secret.

Deploy a basic application

MicroShift operates similar to many other Kubernetes providers. This means that you can use the same tools to deploy and manage your applications.

Dynamic Provisioning of PVs

MicroShift storage solution can provision persistent volumes dynamically based on claims.

Offline/disconnected container images

Offline containers are containers which are stored in the operating system image, and made available to cri-o via the /etc/container/storage.conf additionalimagestores list.

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